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Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system

Precision Meets Connectivity

  • Tablet-like capacitive touchscreen with 3D display
  • Extremely durable with strengthened glass screen and tough housing
  • Inbuilt mobile connectivity: RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera
  • Multi-coupling Shaft measurement up to 6 coupling simultaneously
  • Real time high measurement quality with intelliSWEEP, intelliPASS and                  intelliPOINT
  • Cardan shaft alignment with shaft in place
  • Horizontal and Vertical Move simulator
  • Multi-coupling Live-Move in both Horizontal and Vertical directions                    simultaneously

  • Vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode
  • Soft foot diagnosis
  • Monitor relative machine positional changes continuously with Multi-coupling Live Trend
  • Vibration Spot Check to measure overall values
  • ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY SOFTWARE 4.0 software with cloud data transfer*

* included in the 'connectivity' and 'fully featured' versions

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The game-changer in laser-optical alignment

Alignment system for basically any maintenance workshop

  • Touchscreen display
  • WiFi compatible
  • Bluetooth communication between sensor head and computer
  • Water- and dustproof according to IP 65
  • shock-proof, oil, dirt and scratch resistant
  • sensALIGN 5 laser/sensor heads
  • continuous SWEEP measurement mode
  • simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both                            horizontal and vertical directions (Live Move)
  • automatic evaluation of the alignment condition
  • soft foot detection
  • InfiniRange
  • flip machines functionality
  • high-resolution camera
  • Upgrade laser/sensor heads to the state-of-the-art sensALIGN 7 heads and the whole world of                                    PRUFTECHNIK’s intelligent alignment  features becomes available.