PRUFTECHNIK’s universal software platform for a better availability of your assets

Evaluate your machine’s health and keep record of your assets with OMNITREND.

  • Powerful analysis tools for effective diagnosis of machinery health
  • Powerful customizable reporting
  • Data exchange with Computerized Maintenance Management              Systems (CMMS)
  • Easy to use
  • Available in 13 languages
  • Attractive licensing
  • Free-of-charge software updates


Next Generation Condition Monitoring

The perfect software tool for vibration analysts

  • Easy graphical machine set up
  • Multiple standard machine templates
  • Central task and route configuration
  • Clear overview and status display of the monitored assets
  • Practical analysis tools
  • Interactive reports in HTML format
  • Advanced Modbus support for seamless communication with PLCs


Manage your plants, connect to the cloud and monitor the alignment history of your assets

The alignment software for managing measured machine data

  • Manage plants with an asset orientated machinery management
  • Real-time communication via cloud to ROTALIGN touch
  • Monitor the history and trend of the alignment status of assets
  • Analyze measurement data in detail and report
  • Consideration of bearing types and suggestion of adequate                             measurement modes
  • Library with customizable templates for assets, couplings,                               industrial couplings tolerances, measurement modes and reports
  • Coupling type optimized tolerances


Prepare, organize and document your alignment jobs the most convenient way

The central database for your plants and assets

  • Prepare file on a PC, transfer to and from the device
  • Set up file information including file and user names, company,        plant, area and machine train
  • Organize files in an unlimited tree structure
  • Analyse measurement results
  • Customize measurement reports to include company                         information and logo
  • Back-up measurement files.