Protect your gearboxes and bearings before they fail!
WEARSCANNER offers early detection of wear in a pressurized lubricated system.    


  • Detects bearing and gear teeth wear
  • Avoids consequential damage
  • Internal storage capacity of measurement data for over 150 days
  • Communicates to any modern process control system via Modbus TCP/IP
  • Recognizes ferrite and non-ferrite materials
  • Switching alarm output capability
  • Compact stainless steel housin

WEARSCANNER detects and monitors conductive particles in oil using a unique and patented measurement principle.  Results are not affected by oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air, water contents or oil color (darkening).

WEARSCANNER identifies ferrite as well as non-ferrite particles and are counted in real time.  The system classifies the particles by their size.  It is ideal for detecting progressive damage to gear teeth or roller bearings at an early stage.